Journal of Business & Policy Research

    Volume 6  Number 2 September 20110  ISSN: ISSN 1449-387X

   Special Issue


No..             Papers                 Author

Symbiotic Networking in Born-Global SMEs: A Cross-Cultural Study

Andrey Mikhailitchenko


Formal, Informal, Environment and Skill Barriers for Entrepreneurs: Microeconometric Evidence from 197 Turkish SMEs

Dilek Demirbas


The Presidential Election and the Stock Market in Taiwan

Ling-Chun Hung


Effects of Fund Characteristics on the Performance of Asian Hedge Funds:

Lan Thi Phuong Nguyen, Ming Yu Cheng, Sayed Hossain and Malick Ousmane Sy 


Financial Performance of Malaysian Founder Islamic Banks Versus Conventional Banks

Rosnia Masruki, Norhazlina Ibrahim, Elmirina Osman  and Hishamuddin Abdul Wahab


The Influence of Career Planning Towards Insurance Agents’ Strategy for Career Satisfaction

Tan Fee Yean and Khulida Kirana Yahya


Organizational Commitment In Hotel Business: An Analysis Of The Differences In Terms Of Demographic Variables:

Adem Ogut, Metin Kaplan and Selcuk Karayel


Corporate Disclosures by Family Firms: Malaysian Evidence

Hafiza Aishah Hashim 


A New Scenario of Fashion Marketing in Islamic World: “A Case Study of Iranian Women”

Alireza Miremadi, Samira Iran, Marjan Shadafza and Fereshte Moshiri


An Empirical Study on the Organizational Climate of Information Technology Industry in India

Jain Mathew, Tomy K.Kallarakal, Uma Selvi and Kennedy Andrew Thomas


Customer Satisfaction Measurement For The State-Owned Banks In The Developing Countries – The Case Of Bangladesh

Muhammad Saifuddin Khondaker and Monir Zaman Mir


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