Journal of Business & Policy Research

Volume 6  Number 1 July 20110  ISSN: ISSN 1449-387X

No..             Papers                 Author
  1 Rising Wage Inequality in India: A Translog Cost Function Analysis: Archana Srivastava and Somesh Kumar Mathur
   2 Does Consistency of Firmsí Annual Returns Influence Investor Expectations?: Abdulaziz M. Alwathainani
   3 Emerging Political, Ideological and Security Threats and Risks to International Business: Golam Mostafa
   4 Panel Data Analysis of the Relationship between Earnings Management, Bank Risks, Loan loss Provision and Dividend per Share: Wan Masliza Wan Mohammad, Shaista Wasiuzzaman and Rapiah Mohd Zaini
   5 The Effects of Global Trade Liberalisation on Forestry Products Using the GTAP Model: Luz Centeno Stenberg and Mahinda Siriwardana
  6  Identifying Problems of Strategic Operations Management in Business Organizations in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis: Jesmin Islam and Muhammad Mahboob Ali
 7 Kazakhstan - The Real Currency and Growth Challenge for Commodity Producing Countries: Mira Nurmakhanova and Gavin Kretzschmar
  8  Enhancing Financial Performance of Market-driven Hospitals:   Nik Mohd Hazrul, Lee Kok Onn and Syed Shah Alam
 9 The Effect of Corporate Governance on Preferred Stock Ratings: Joyce Wang
 10  Impact of Training on Firmsí Output and Labour Productivity: Rahmah Ismail, Zulridah Mohd Noor and Abd Hair Awang
 11  Does Farmerís Diversification into Non-Farm Employment Reduce Their Likelihood of Poverty? Evidence from Malaysia: Siti Hadijah Che-Mat and Roslan Abdul-Hakim
 12  Financial Analystsí Perception of the Importance of Accounting Information: Malaysian Evidence: Zaleha Abdul Shukor, Hamezah Md. Nor and Kamarulbaraini Keliw

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